Thin Bangle Series #9 - Double Bangle

Ninth in the series, this bracelet uses two thin bangles. You could use any beads you like or have, as long as they are all the same diameter.  I have been saving these beads for something good. They look like turquoise M&Ms.

To make the bracelet, you need:
  • 2 thin metal bangles
  • 22  gauge wire
  • beads
  • wire cutters

Start by wrapping an end of the wire around one bangle two or three times. Put a bead on the wire.  Wrap the wire around the second bangle. 

Reach the wire across the bangle and wrap it and repeat the process. Keep wrapping and adding beads until the bangles are full.

Check out the whole Thin Bangle series:

Take your Vitamin C!

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