Funky Chunky and a Cute Clasp

 Tonight, I made a bunch of chunky bead bracelets. I make them a couple times a year, they sell pretty well for me. I like making them because I can mix everything together. I impose no design rules on myself. Before I begin, I collect chunky beads of all kinds: lampwork, metals, wood, plastic, stone, shell...whatever is in the stash. Then I string. 

The only suggestion I have for you, if you make similar chunky bracelets, is to use two crimp tubes on each end. Usually the weight of the beads is a little more than usual, so doubling up on the crimps gives an extra measure of security.

 Because it adds one more material, I usually make button clasps for my chunky bracelets. With big buttons, I can make the clasp balance out the beads. But the thought of stringing seed beads for the loops was making me whine tonight. So, I thought how I could make a fitting clasp of different materials instead.

I had some huge those, and some peace sign charms. And together, they make an unusual clasp. I like it!  I could have also used a toggle bar instead of the lobster. I just thought of that right now!

Use your Vitamin C!

Simple Yarn Wreath

 This is my second Holiday wreath this week. Click on it so you can see the yarn up close. I used 4 yarns, the same color, but different textures. All you have to do is wrap the yarn around the wreath form.  You will have enough yarn in the skeins you bought, to do 4 or 5 wreaths. 

I tried watching a Christmas movie to get in the mood. That so did not work. It lasted about 5 minutes. Then I just went to a Cary Grant film fest. Not festive, but so much more entertaining.

Then add decorations. This wreath has felt flowers, glittered wood snowflakes, buttons, and gems. I used the Crafter's Cafe Glitterati 3 pack. 

Changing the color palette on this wreath would give it a completely different feel. 

Use your Vitamin C and see what you come up with!

Fairyland Christmas

 I worked on a Christmas project this week.  

 It looks like a tutu, but it is a wreath.  From fairyland. It's soft and light and kinda sweet.

 Sorry, I am not going to tell you how to make it yet. It is a project I did for Blumenthal Lansing and Jo-Ann's Stores. So, I am going to let Jo-Ann's have first shot at giving it to their customers.  I'll tell you about it when that happens. 

I used a new Blumenthal Lansing product called Crafter's Cafe. The color palette is white, silver, and crystal. In the jars are fine glitter, crystals gems, and buttons in 3 sizes. You won't be able to get it until closer to Christmas, but you can get the gorgeous Seabreeze and Girly Girl palettes. I have worked with both of them and they are really fun.

I did not think about it until this very minute, but the wreath would be extra festive if it had a string of tiny white twinkle lights in it. Wouldn't it?

Merry Christmas and use your Vitamin C!

Fall Leaf Jewelry Part II

This bracelet is a little fuller, but no more difficult than the bracelets in part I yesterday.

Crimp two wires to the toggle circle. String both strands with branches, leaves, and crystal bead spacers.  That's it! Crimp the wire ends to the toggle bar. 

This bracelet has 7 branches and 11 leaves.  Fill out the strands with spacers until they fit your wrist.

This final bracelet is a two-stepper.

Crimp a wire to the toggle circle. Loosely string branches and size 8 seed beads until the bracelet fits. Crimp the end of the wire to the toggle bar.

Now you need a needle with beading thread.  Before the first branch, stitch through the hole of a leaf bead. Stitch through the first branch. Stitch through a leaf, then through the second branch.

Between branches, stitch in a leaf bead or a round crystal bead. When you are at the end of the bracelet, turn back and stitch more beads in between the branches. You should be able to make 4 passes, adding beads between the branches each time.  

Add a dot of jewelry glue when you have to knot the thread.

Or, of course, design your own and send me a pic!
Take your Vitamin C!

Fall Beads and Jewelry

 Dear Fall, I will be happy to see you this year. Come soon. Bring your pretty red berries and golden leaves, your chilly sweater weather, football games, and caramel apples. 

And I will greet you with some new jewelry in your honor!

Honestly, can you believe it is time to think about fall projects? I loaded up my Etsy shop with  fall beads. The colors are warm and toasty.

Here are two ideas to use the beads in my shop.  Both are  simple stringing.  

Crimp a toggle circle to a piece of wire. String crystal spacer beads and fall leaf beads. Crimp the toggle bar to the end. So simple!

Here is another really easy bracelet. You could do this with leaves instead of pumpkins if you like. Crimp three wires to the toggle circle. String matte finish seed beads and the pumpkins on the wires. Crimp them to the toggle bar.  Could not be easier.

Or, design your own using your Vitamin C!

Look What Kelly Brought Me!

 Kelly called and asked me if I knew anyone who would like her Mother's jewelry. HAHAHA!  Did I ever! She brought me more than I dreamed I would get and it took me a couple hours to go through it. It was like Christmas. Awesome!

 I think I will never have to buy a chain again. There is everything from so delicate that I can hardly see the links, to heavy and bold.  There are watches, earrings, cocktail rings, necklaces, broaches, and bracelets. I pulled out everything from pop beads to real gold and Swarovski crystals. So awesome!

 Showing off a few of my favorites: love this star chain...

 This rhinestone pin is huge and gaudy and glitzy and perfection...

 Glittered beads...

 Lots of strands of small, sort of cube shaped beads, carmel-ish in color and pearly...

 These might be my ultimate fav... the shape, the color....

 There are a couple of these rhinestone chains, which are real vintage, and I love the 3D rhinestone medallions that are attached...

 Big honkin' prism...

 This butterfly chain is so small and dainty...

I hung up most of the chains and beads so they would not get tangled. Did I say awesome?

Hoping this gives me better dreams tonight than last night...dreams of beads and chains and jewelry and rhinestones and creativity.  

OT, but I have to tell it.....
Last night I dreamed that I was back in college and my assignment was to get dropped off someplace and walk home. On the walk, I had to stop into business and ask them to let me work on some kind of task. It was pouring outside and puddles were turning into lakes.  I remember working for a bit at some kind of shop where I nailed things together with a nail gun. And I remember going into the Facebook building. When I walked in the door, upper management was going into a meeting. The meeting room looked like a living room, with couches and lamps and rugs.  It was a warm looking room, earthy tones, and lights turned on since it was so gray outside.  

I said hello and explained my experiment, and they readily agreed to give me a job. A girl took me downstairs to a room with several computers and people sitting at them. The computer screens were dressed in faux fur.  I got a screen covered in hot pink fur.  Then I woke up.

Maybe a little bit too much Vitamin C? 

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