Funky Chunky and a Cute Clasp

 Tonight, I made a bunch of chunky bead bracelets. I make them a couple times a year, they sell pretty well for me. I like making them because I can mix everything together. I impose no design rules on myself. Before I begin, I collect chunky beads of all kinds: lampwork, metals, wood, plastic, stone, shell...whatever is in the stash. Then I string. 

The only suggestion I have for you, if you make similar chunky bracelets, is to use two crimp tubes on each end. Usually the weight of the beads is a little more than usual, so doubling up on the crimps gives an extra measure of security.

 Because it adds one more material, I usually make button clasps for my chunky bracelets. With big buttons, I can make the clasp balance out the beads. But the thought of stringing seed beads for the loops was making me whine tonight. So, I thought how I could make a fitting clasp of different materials instead.

I had some huge those, and some peace sign charms. And together, they make an unusual clasp. I like it!  I could have also used a toggle bar instead of the lobster. I just thought of that right now!

Use your Vitamin C!

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