Fall Leaf Jewelry Part II

This bracelet is a little fuller, but no more difficult than the bracelets in part I yesterday.

Crimp two wires to the toggle circle. String both strands with branches, leaves, and crystal bead spacers.  That's it! Crimp the wire ends to the toggle bar. 

This bracelet has 7 branches and 11 leaves.  Fill out the strands with spacers until they fit your wrist.

This final bracelet is a two-stepper.

Crimp a wire to the toggle circle. Loosely string branches and size 8 seed beads until the bracelet fits. Crimp the end of the wire to the toggle bar.

Now you need a needle with beading thread.  Before the first branch, stitch through the hole of a leaf bead. Stitch through the first branch. Stitch through a leaf, then through the second branch.

Between branches, stitch in a leaf bead or a round crystal bead. When you are at the end of the bracelet, turn back and stitch more beads in between the branches. You should be able to make 4 passes, adding beads between the branches each time.  

Add a dot of jewelry glue when you have to knot the thread.

Or, of course, design your own and send me a pic!
Take your Vitamin C!

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