Button Pendant Gives Back

You know that I love it when artists use their gifts to encourage or help others. This story is on the Amazing Helen's blog today. For us, her readers, it serves two purposes. It encourages us to encourage others. And it gives us a great project!

Here are some other encouraging projects and artists. 

Word of the day: encourage.  Use it in a sentence today with your Vitamin C!

Black and White Chair

 Been doing a little painting this week. I have a stack of old chairs in the garage calling to me. I painted two in this black and white motif.  My inspiration came from the fabric, which I got at Jo-Ann's with a 50% off coupon!  It also came in turquoise which was so gorgeous...

I started these chairs a bit differently than I always do. I spray painted them white. It took three cans (bought with coupons!). I always paint the entire chair with craft acrylics because it is so inexpensive that way. But, this week, I was interested in not spending so much time working on them. I think the less time I work on a big project that I sell, the more money I make on it. And that is the point. 

I sprayed them flat because I knew I would spray a glossy sealer over all.  And, did you know that flat spray costs less than satin or gloss? That was a new one on me, and I like it.

Then I painted the details with craft acrylics as I normally do.

These go perfectly in my kitchen. However, there is not one square inch of open space in my kitchen, so I am taking them to The Loft in Bay City to see if she will sell them for me. 
If they don't sell, I might have to bring them back to the kitchen and replace the less exciting chairs that are there now.

Love a good restyling project.
Use your Vitamin C!


 This is my iPad cover. I never thought I would need an iPad cover. But, when I finished my Master's Degree, my parents gave me some money and said they were proud. How awesome is it to be a grown woman and have parents who do and say that?

So, I spent the money on an iPad. I love it and use it a lot. When I bought the pad, they had a couple covers in the store. They started at $60 and were a horrible gray color. Blah.

 I found almost the same cover online for $16. I ordered a fab green one. They were out of stock, so I got a white one.  Guess why????????????

 Sharpies were my tool of choice. I drew a bunch of fried egg flowers. Don't they look kind of like fried eggs? I freehanded this, but I am giving you a pattern if you want it. You can use it as an inspiration and freehand yours too, or you can transfer the pattern.

Then I colored! My Sharpie palette was red, orange, berry and turquoise. Those big fat Sharpies you use for making posters? They worked great on this project.

You would not have to do this on white. I think any light color would be good.

Beats a $60 dull gray one!
Take your Vitamin C!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

"Make Do" Journal Challenge

This morning, I read this post on AileensMusings about a journal she made using a Trader Joe's mailer. I did this once using a Golf magazine that I got in the mail and did not order. Aileen's Trader Joe's journal made me smile. And, I thought it would be a good topic of conversation. So, let's discuss.

Have you ever used completely found materials or trash to journal? I do it once in awhile. I find it strangely satisfying. It is good to use materials that would otherwise go in the trash. And it is a challenge to use non journal specific materials to make a new journal.

These are some pics from a very simple bit of journalling I did a couple years ago. I was on the road, in a hotel in Grapevine Texas, and working on a Bible study about which I wanted to journal or make a few notes. 

I admit, there is nothing I love more than a brand new spotless, pristine journal with all clean pages. But, as much as I am drawn to them, I chronically use the first few page and then leave the rest of the journal unused. The crime about that is pre-made purchased journals are really expensive. And I waste them!

On the plane to Dallas, I challenged myself..... "Do not drive over to the the bookstore and buy a new journal. Use what you have on hand, nothing more."

The pages of this mini journal are those annoying cards that fall out of magazines. I found as many as I could possibly ever use while reading magazines in flight that day. My pages are not all the same size. I also ripped out magazine pages of pics or colors I liked, and took them with me. In my bag I had scissors (but I have done this by tearing everything because I had no scissors), a glue stick ( but have used a stapler), a hole punch, and a black permanent marker. Luckily, because I am a jewelry maker, I almost always travel with some basic supplies. I had some wire and beads too.

You can tell I used a glue stick. The pages do not look fabulous, but they are reflective of the study I wanted to remember and I think creating is always better than purchasing. Certainly, no one else has this journal. 

It also provides food for thought when I teach journaling. 

Tell me about your similar experiences when you used your journal-making Vitamin C??

Shake it Baby, Shake it!

 Lookee, lookee what I found at the Goodwill Store in Hutchinson Kansas!  What is better than thrifting in small town America?

The second I saw these old salt and pepper shakers, they were mine, especially since they were only 60 cents each. Some stores would call these antiques and raise the price sky high. 

They are perfect. Heavy glass. 4" tall. Even if I never use them, I love how they look sitting in my office. Sparkly!

Go to the Goodwill store and use your Vitamin C!

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