"Make Do" Journal Challenge

This morning, I read this post on AileensMusings about a journal she made using a Trader Joe's mailer. I did this once using a Golf magazine that I got in the mail and did not order. Aileen's Trader Joe's journal made me smile. And, I thought it would be a good topic of conversation. So, let's discuss.

Have you ever used completely found materials or trash to journal? I do it once in awhile. I find it strangely satisfying. It is good to use materials that would otherwise go in the trash. And it is a challenge to use non journal specific materials to make a new journal.

These are some pics from a very simple bit of journalling I did a couple years ago. I was on the road, in a hotel in Grapevine Texas, and working on a Bible study about which I wanted to journal or make a few notes. 

I admit, there is nothing I love more than a brand new spotless, pristine journal with all clean pages. But, as much as I am drawn to them, I chronically use the first few page and then leave the rest of the journal unused. The crime about that is pre-made purchased journals are really expensive. And I waste them!

On the plane to Dallas, I challenged myself..... "Do not drive over to the the bookstore and buy a new journal. Use what you have on hand, nothing more."

The pages of this mini journal are those annoying cards that fall out of magazines. I found as many as I could possibly ever use while reading magazines in flight that day. My pages are not all the same size. I also ripped out magazine pages of pics or colors I liked, and took them with me. In my bag I had scissors (but I have done this by tearing everything because I had no scissors), a glue stick ( but have used a stapler), a hole punch, and a black permanent marker. Luckily, because I am a jewelry maker, I almost always travel with some basic supplies. I had some wire and beads too.

You can tell I used a glue stick. The pages do not look fabulous, but they are reflective of the study I wanted to remember and I think creating is always better than purchasing. Certainly, no one else has this journal. 

It also provides food for thought when I teach journaling. 

Tell me about your similar experiences when you used your journal-making Vitamin C??

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