Black and White Chair

 Been doing a little painting this week. I have a stack of old chairs in the garage calling to me. I painted two in this black and white motif.  My inspiration came from the fabric, which I got at Jo-Ann's with a 50% off coupon!  It also came in turquoise which was so gorgeous...

I started these chairs a bit differently than I always do. I spray painted them white. It took three cans (bought with coupons!). I always paint the entire chair with craft acrylics because it is so inexpensive that way. But, this week, I was interested in not spending so much time working on them. I think the less time I work on a big project that I sell, the more money I make on it. And that is the point. 

I sprayed them flat because I knew I would spray a glossy sealer over all.  And, did you know that flat spray costs less than satin or gloss? That was a new one on me, and I like it.

Then I painted the details with craft acrylics as I normally do.

These go perfectly in my kitchen. However, there is not one square inch of open space in my kitchen, so I am taking them to The Loft in Bay City to see if she will sell them for me. 
If they don't sell, I might have to bring them back to the kitchen and replace the less exciting chairs that are there now.

Love a good restyling project.
Use your Vitamin C!

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Amy's { July 30, 2012 at 3:53 PM }
These chairs are soooooooo amazing !I love them

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