fruits de l'aiguille

 My creative project of the week: Fruits of the Needle! I love to sit with a pile of fabric and floss and just stitch pieces together. It is therapeutic for me, I guess it must be the pulling of the needle through the fabric that is sort of soothing. I don't do it all that often, even though I would love to be an art quilter. It is just so time consuming. 

 These are for quilt market in October. The background is printable cotton fabric from Blumenthal Lansing. I found a free downloadable frame online, and put the words inside it using a cool font...then printed it. I could not have drawn it to look as good. Love this printable fabric!

 These will be framed together in a long frame. I think they would be cute in a kitchen.

Use your Vitamin C and some basic materials and see what happens!

Witchy Sister Beads

 Waverly Witch. She's the oldest of the sisters... gets her looks from her Mother's side. Waverly has a style all her own, and knows a spell for absolutely everything. Waverly has already gone to a good home, but her six sisters are sitting in my Etsy shop. The sisters have very different personalities and you can read their stories there.

I had fun designing the witch bead. She is made on a cone. Instructions for making her are in this month's issue of Bead Design Studio. And then, I had even more fun making the sisters and writing their mini bios.

And, go here to find instructions to make this Trick or Tweet ornament.

Scary thinking about Halloween being right around the corner, but it is. Use your Vitamin C!

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