fruits de l'aiguille

 My creative project of the week: Fruits of the Needle! I love to sit with a pile of fabric and floss and just stitch pieces together. It is therapeutic for me, I guess it must be the pulling of the needle through the fabric that is sort of soothing. I don't do it all that often, even though I would love to be an art quilter. It is just so time consuming. 

 These are for quilt market in October. The background is printable cotton fabric from Blumenthal Lansing. I found a free downloadable frame online, and put the words inside it using a cool font...then printed it. I could not have drawn it to look as good. Love this printable fabric!

 These will be framed together in a long frame. I think they would be cute in a kitchen.

Use your Vitamin C and some basic materials and see what happens!

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