Keep it Covered

 Certainly I am not the only creative who gets bogged down at times. Recently, I did a big project, strictly for money. It was long and boring. It killed my creativity and I have not wanted to do anything since. Not liking that feeling of being in creative limbo, I put aside work this afternoon and did a mindless, but fun project, hoping it would jump start me.

I got out the glitter and did a Girl World Excavation to find trinkety kinds of things. Then I attached them to cell phone covers. I have rhinestones, sequins, old jewelry, buttons, sew on patches, mirrors, and who knows what else on them.

Click on the pics to see the trinkety goodness up close. I put in a movie and glued for a couple hours. It was a fun afternoon.

A big pile of excavation mess and 10 cool phone covers later, I might be feeling a little more interested in creating. Time will tell.

Would you put one of these on your phone?

Don't let your Vitamin C get killed like I did!!!

Scenes From a Morning Walk

I walk the same route every day. I pray as I walk, so I walk the same route on purpose. There are less distractions since I see it every day. But, things change with the seasons. Flower gardens, brilliant red trees, snowmen, the color of the sky. Once in awhile I look around to see what is happening in my neighborhood. I did that today.

 My neighbor across the street had a single poppy bloomed. It was just gorgeous and I am now thinking about poppy earrings. Stay tuned.

 Cute stickers fit this little bug perfectly. This car was parked in the lot at the elementary school. The kindergarden teacher? All you need is love. Far out.

 Ha!  See the puppy watching me from the window? Click on it to make the pic larger.

I walk by this gate every day. It changes with the seasons but it is perfect in the spring. It is sad on cloudy days when I can't see it. It is near the end of my walk and it is kind of like a touch point for me to know I have made it.

What are you missing in your immediate world?
Look through your Vitamin C glasses........

Button Swap

 I am participating in a Button Swap today, hosted and organized by Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studio. My partner, Laurel Steven, sent me these buttons. She made the carded buttons. They are polymer clay and fabulous. Yippee, I had enough excellent buttons from Laurel to make two projects.

First, I turned Laurel's polymer buttons into earrings. I added a sparkly bit and a crystal dangle. Of course, I immediately put them on and wore them!

The rest of the beads are acrylic or resin or bakelite, I am not sure. Laurel, what are they? Besides very cool. This is a color palette not normally on my worktable, but I love it. I will be working with it again. Stay tuned.

The center strand is macrame with the buttons and some faceted crystal beads added in. I have had this strand of beads (from the HumanPinBall) that I have not used for anything. The blush color is perfect and they add a little sparkle. Strand two is seed beads and bi-cone beads, both brown.

Strand three is a chain with the same pink faceted beads, dangling. I finished it off with a button closure. I have been wearing it for days. 

A lot of great button lovers/button artists are participating in the swap and blog hop. Grab a cup of tea and peruse some of these blogs. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Use your Vitamin B(utton)

 Kim Roberts and Partner unable to participate at this time.
Pam Ferarri and Stefanie Teufel (will share their reveal on a later date)
Stefanie Teufel and Pam Ferarri (will share their reveal on a later date)


 As a freelancer, sometimes I do a little work for someone and I never hear back from them. Human nature being what it is, I am then convinced that they hate me and my work. A couple months ago, I did a handful of beaded pieces for Plaid. They gave me about a two minute deadline. Well, two days, really, but that is a super short deadline to ask someone to meet. But, I dug in and met it. I mailed my pieces in, they sent me a check, but they never communicated if I met their objectives or I completely failed... Nothing. Not one word.

So, imagine my surprise when I was wandering through Jo-Ann's tonight and saw this header to a new line of lampwork beads from Plaid. The bracelet on the left and the bracelet on the right are projects that I made them. Guess they liked them alright!

Use your Vitamin C and be surprised!

Burn Baby Burn

 Just made these earrings. 

I made these headpins with little flames. They are going to go in my next column in Bead Design Studio Magazine, except in a little different colorway. 

 Now, I am all interested in making headpins with different designs. I had fun making these and there are two other good things about making them: no mandrel dipping and no bead cleaning. Good things!

Use your Vitamin C!

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