Singing Flowers

I had some fun this afternoon making some musical paper flowers for Wonder Woman's birthday. She likes a quiet, understated birthday, and I thought these might fit the bill. She loves music!

 I used:

  • off white card stock
  • an old hymnal
  • a round, scalloped paper punch
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • small shank buttons
  • craft wire (mine is green, but use what you have)

 First, I sat and punched a pile of round shapes. For each flower, I made 2 off white cardstock, and 7 hymnal punch outs.

Leave the cardstock punch outs flat. Fold the paper circles in half and then as you see above.

 Put a pea sized dot of glue in the center of a cardstock circle. Place 4 folded papers on it, points in the center. Place another dot of glue in the center. Place three folded pieces as a second layer, points to the center. Glue a button in the center.

 Cut a length of wire, glue it to the back of the flower. Glue a second cardstock circle to cover it. Make as many flowers as you wish, on different length wires.

I filled a jar with beans and tucked the flower stems down in. Use any vase. If you have one with a smaller neck, it won't need beans. 

Take your Vitamin C!

A legacy?

Are you at the point in your life yet, where you have begun to think about what kind of legacy you will leave behind? I think about it sometimes. I don't have children, and that is the legacy that most people leave. I don't have a pile of money, so I can't leave behind the International Divine Design foundation.

Two things happened this week that made me think about it. My neighbor died. She was very old, with a bad heart. She still lived alone. She had no family, her only daughter died some years ago. It was a weird feeling watching another neighbor haul all of her belongings out onto the driveway and sell them in a yard sale.

It made me think about all of the stuff I like to surround me, to save in case I need it, to make my life easier. Is there really a point to having so much stuff?

And today, I was surfing and read this obituary. It is impressive to me, and I realized that what people think of me now, is how I will be remembered. Am I good with that? 

It sure gives me food for thought, not seasoned with Vitamin C.......

Pink Necklace Re-Design

This necklace was destined to be re-made. It is something I do. I highly recommend it. Sometimes I don't like what I did. Sometimes I get tired of a piece. Sometimes I don't really like some of the beads in the piece as much as I thought I would. This necklace won the trifecta.  All of the above.

I remember making it, it has been quite a few years. I was sitting in my friend Joann's kitchen. The necklace got worn once and it has been hanging on a hook since then. Look how tarnished the silver is. 

So, it got a re-do today. I cut it all apart and put away the beads I didn't like anymore.

The bali silver needed a clean up, and I could not find s sunshine cloth. So, I took them to the bathroom sink and rubbed them down with toothpaste. There is just enough abrasive in toothpaste to remove the tarnish. Just put some in your hand and rub. And they smell minty fresh!

 Here is the re-design. It is a little longer, a length that I wear better than a choker length.  I kept the asymmetry without the busyness.  

All of the discs give it a slight Jetson-ish feel.  I think I will wear the re-designed version. And if not, I will take it apart and try it again.

Just takes a little Vitamin C.

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