Scenes From a Morning Walk

I walk the same route every day. I pray as I walk, so I walk the same route on purpose. There are less distractions since I see it every day. But, things change with the seasons. Flower gardens, brilliant red trees, snowmen, the color of the sky. Once in awhile I look around to see what is happening in my neighborhood. I did that today.

 My neighbor across the street had a single poppy bloomed. It was just gorgeous and I am now thinking about poppy earrings. Stay tuned.

 Cute stickers fit this little bug perfectly. This car was parked in the lot at the elementary school. The kindergarden teacher? All you need is love. Far out.

 Ha!  See the puppy watching me from the window? Click on it to make the pic larger.

I walk by this gate every day. It changes with the seasons but it is perfect in the spring. It is sad on cloudy days when I can't see it. It is near the end of my walk and it is kind of like a touch point for me to know I have made it.

What are you missing in your immediate world?
Look through your Vitamin C glasses........

2 creative thoughts:

Celeste Kemmerer { May 18, 2012 at 5:27 PM }
I love the Bug with stickers! I have a black bug and I would dearly love to have someone paint iridescent "ghost" psychedic daisies on my rear fenders.
Janet { May 20, 2012 at 7:48 AM }
Thank you for the reminder. It is something we all need to hear. I also love that you pray while you walk. I'll have to try it because I hate feeling like I have to exercise, I'd much rather be working on my Vitamin C. :-)

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