The Language of Beads

 If you do not speak the language of beads, allow me to translate. This necklace says "thank you!" 

 I was commissioned to make a piece for the Director of Women's Ministries at my church, who I also count as a friend. Our women's ministries programs are meaningful and wide reaching. To say thanks, we gave her this necklace. It is not enough, but hopefully it is a start to letting her know we appreciate her and all she does for us.

 I enjoy designing and making a piece for someone I know, especially if it is a gift that is expressing thanks. Working on it gives me a chance to think about and pray for that person. It becomes personal.

When I started thinking about what she might like, these blues came to mind. I don't often enamel my beads, but when I mixed colors on these, they turned out nicely. I made the beads with clear glass, and did not cover the beads completely with enamel. There are places, you can see into the bead. There is a nice mixture of texture and depth of color.

Thank you to our fabulous leader who uses her Vitamin C everyday!!

2 creative thoughts:

The Diplomat { May 2, 2012 at 10:23 PM }
What an awesome gift! Thanks for sharing it....
Janet { May 4, 2012 at 5:31 PM }
It is really beautiful. I don't think there is a nicer gift in the whole world than a handmade bead, and now she has lots of them. She is a lucky woman.

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