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 Certainly I am not the only creative who gets bogged down at times. Recently, I did a big project, strictly for money. It was long and boring. It killed my creativity and I have not wanted to do anything since. Not liking that feeling of being in creative limbo, I put aside work this afternoon and did a mindless, but fun project, hoping it would jump start me.

I got out the glitter and did a Girl World Excavation to find trinkety kinds of things. Then I attached them to cell phone covers. I have rhinestones, sequins, old jewelry, buttons, sew on patches, mirrors, and who knows what else on them.

Click on the pics to see the trinkety goodness up close. I put in a movie and glued for a couple hours. It was a fun afternoon.

A big pile of excavation mess and 10 cool phone covers later, I might be feeling a little more interested in creating. Time will tell.

Would you put one of these on your phone?

Don't let your Vitamin C get killed like I did!!!

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The Diplomat { May 30, 2012 at 9:48 PM }
Welcome back! Missed your updates!

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