Girl's Night In Beach Party

 Tonight was Girls' Night In at the rescue mission.  GNI is a women's ministry for the women of my church. Tonight, we had kind of a beach party with a game of beach bingo, popsicles, and decorating flip flops for the craft.

When we go, we hang out with women of all ages, who are there for all reasons. In the last four months, the number of women residents has doubled. Things are tough here in Michigan and not getting better yet. It is not always easy to design a craft that everyone can do with success, but I knew they would like flip flops.

This is the pair I designed.  I layered colors of felt circles and flower shapes, stitched the layers together, and glued the flower to the shoe. I made circle templates for tracing, and we got down to business.

 The only time they get to do projects like this is when we come. Some of the women do not have experience with crafts at all. I found some who had never made a single stitch with a needle and thread. After a couple craft projects with us, they find their stride and creativity starts to blossom. I love this part.

 Oh, the piles of craft materials we have gone through.

 These were made by a young girl. I love that she made the dark outlines.

 Here she is with her Mother. Mom thanked me and we had a chance to chat. Daughter loves to do crafty things, but she never gets the chance. Mom does not craft and does not want to craft. But, Mom hovered watching through the whole project. It is an awesome feeling to see the pride on both faces. Living in a rescue mission with 60 other women, being told what to do and when, there is not much opportunity for pride or creativity. I love that some felt squares and 2 hours of our time can bring real smiles.

3D felt heart made out of the same circle templates I used. Pretty creative!

This gal went completely to her own design. It may be only felt on a flip flop but there is no substitute for a good job well done.

That goes double for women following God's call to use their skills to encourage those who really can use it.

Take your Vitamin C!

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Angie Padilla { June 5, 2011 at 11:28 AM }
Hi, Kim. Just popping in from the SITS31DBBB craft group to say hi. Hope to have some good exchanges on that forum!
Unknown { June 8, 2011 at 6:53 PM }
I never would have thought to decorate flip flops with felt - great idea! And what a wonderful way to reach out to young girls!
Kim { June 9, 2011 at 7:42 AM }
Thanks kp. Always looking for affordable projects for a large group of women!

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