Niece 3, the Graduate

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for a little unadulterated bragging. Niece 3 graduated from high school today.  She is a first born, type A personality after my own heart. 

She has a 4.25 grade point average, graduating 7th in her class, with several college credits already under her belt. She is a stellar softball player. She was the student body president this year. That is just the beginning of her list.

She will be attending the University of Michigan in the Engineering school. And she was selected one of 50 students (out of 1200) to participate in a special cohort internship for new engineering students. She will spend most of her summer at school getting ahead of the other freshmen. It will give her a huge leg up to success.

Needless to say, we are all very proud.

End of brag.

You should still take your Vitamin C.

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