Collage Class

 Today we had collage class in Girl World.  I had so much fun that I forgot I wanted to take pictures! I only remembered long enough to get a couple. Sigh.

It was my mission for class to come up with some different ways to make visual texture and layering with paint. We had several cool techniques that worked well.  This was one of my experiments. Last night, I found these wood scraps. They were cut off the top of table legs. I cannot even remember what I did with the table legs. Not important.  

So, I glued some chunky yarn to one side of the wood.  Yeah, well, I had no glue at hand when I did this, so I used dimensional paint, it just happened to be gold glitter.  Why not? It worked great.

 To use it, we painted the yarn, and printed it on the paper/canvas.

 Like.  Right? You could make this in all kinds of patterns.  It boggles... and inspires. The experiment was a success.

 So, here are some pics of projects in process. Each student worked on a canvas and a watercolor paper journal. This is the front cover of a journal. A hole was made to show the art inside. Love it.

 Greens for the background. Love how she added texture by sponging over a piece of cutout scrapbook paper. Nice.

 This is my canvas. At this stage, it had layers added, layers subtracted, and different layers added. Sometimes it takes a while to find my happy place.

 Lettering in the journal. She was very brave in lettering freehand.  Looks great!

She did most of this with paint. She painted the trees with a negative application. That means she put paint on the canvas and removed it with the brush.  See I told you I had fun. It was neat to watch what everyone was doing and trying.

Finished canvas: paint and paper. Don't the birds make you smile?

I had a great time watching everyone else take their Vitamin C!

2 creative thoughts:

karen { June 30, 2011 at 11:02 AM }
Yep, so much fun....can't wait to keep layering and experimenting with what you taught us. Too bad laundry and grocery shopping has to get in the way. Maybe I'll look for ideas in the grogery store!
Kim { June 30, 2011 at 6:48 PM }
Yay! Glad you liked it. I am looking forward to having a bit of time this weekend to finish my canvas.

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