Weekend Variety

I spent the holiday weekend in the basement where it was cool and creative. Working on several different things, my creative ADD was satisfied. 

First, I finished my canvas that I started during collage class last week. I have been singing this song in my head and it came out here on the canvas. Anyone know the song?  When I started this canvas, I was ready to pitch it. I had done too much dark brown on it and it was heavy looking. But, I worked and re-worked and I am now happy with it. It is not in my happiest color palette, but it is good to break out and do something a little different.

Bra strap bracelet.  Interesting or embarrassing?

And, happy Halloween! I made MANY pumpkin beads before I got some that I liked. Since I have been so collag-ey lately, I added them to a canvas board collage. You will have to wait to see that when the magazine comes out.  I wanted a funkier style of pumpkin.  Did I get that or does it just look like Fred Flintstone?

Next.  Glitter!

Take your Vitamin C!

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