Picking a Color Palette

 I am starting to work on my Divine Design project. One of the first things I do is to select a color palette for the room. Then if everything falls within the palette, I can be assured that it will tell a story, create a mood, and not have clashing issues.

So, considering we are doing a women's shelter, I wanted something a bit feminine, but not overtly so.

 I pin color palettes that I like on a Pinterest board. So, of course, that is one of my sources when thinking about color. I started with the upper left palette. Green and turquoise are my fav colors. But not only that, they are calming, especially when used as a color palette, analogously. That means to use several colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. A calm feeling is important for this project because we are doing a dining room for 50 people, half of whom are children. 

Notice, there is pink in most of the palettes pinned to my board. The pink family you see here is the color of the year for 2011

I don't feel the need to be super trendy in room design, but if you keep to the trends somewhat, it makes it easier to buy things to go in the room. Besides, everyone looks better in a pink room.  Not kidding. Pink also evokes a feeling of unconditional love and nurturing...according to color psychologists. That seems a good color for a shelter where abused women live.

We will not be painting the walls pink, but we will use it as an accent. Maybe pink tablecloths, something like that. Our color palette is on the left side of the top photo. We will paint the walls in the color range of the bottom four color chips.  Soothing, calming. 

Take your Vitamin P!
Where will you use pink today?

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