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This is me right now. Sometime in the next two weeks I will finally be defending my thesis. I have dragged by feet about it, but no longer! Before the defense, I am making a 20 minute Power Point for my committee from which to work during the process. That is my task this weekend.

It's true I have learned a lot from the thesis process: about writing, researching, communicating, and about my topic. I have also learned that I really really really want this to be done. 

The end is within sight. And not much Vitamin C was involved. They do not really like creativity in the thesis process. Facts rule the world of thesis writing. Cute and colorful counts for NOTHING! :)

I definitely would not mind a prayer or two in regard to this upcoming defense. Thank you!

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karen { July 20, 2011 at 11:06 PM }
Will do! you will do great of that I am sure.

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