Art in the Park

 Art in the Park is on! I walked the show this afternoon. It was hot, but people were shopping. I did not see anything really new and innovative. In fact, I was a bit disappointed in this show that is normally a favorite of mine.

Maybe it is the economy here, maybe it just gets harder and harder for artists. I don't know. There was less art than normal, more craft and more ... stuff. You know that weird stuff like having your kid's name put into a book or a CD? Jewelry seems to still be big. I would guess jewelry booths were at least 50% of the show. And most of them were mediocre to really boring.

But, I did see a couple things I thought were nicely done and cute!

 Liked these colorful house pillows with my favorite rickrack.

 Metal magnet boards with a funky design.

 Cute little wood birdies.

And screen printed t-shirts with trendier designs.

Next weekend, the huge art fairs in Ann Arbor. I am really interested now to see if they are similar in make up.

Take your Vitamin C!

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