Pitcher and Glasses

A couple weeks ago, I bought this pitcher at Home Goods. Yellow is not normally my color, but I really liked it.  Then, I got to thinking I could have some glasses to go with it. I dug around in the cupboard and came up with...

 these perfect glasses.

 I chose a couple motifs from the pitcher to paint on my glasses.

 You can paint on glass with any specialty glass paint. I used an acrylic enamel that you can buy at most craft stores.  To get the color I wanted, I mixed yellow and while and brushed it on. Maybe it was old-ish, but it was a little clumpy.  Close to the end when I was frustrated, I mixed a tiny bit of water with it and that helped a lot.  Wish I had done that in the beginning for all of the painting I did.

Be sure you clean the glass well before painting.  Fingerprints will keep the paint from sticking to the glass.  If you have it, rubbing alcohol will be a great cleaning agent for a glass painting project.

It is not as easy to transfer a pattern onto glass.  But, the beauty of these glasses is they are see-thru. So, I made my patterns on paper and put them inside the glass.  And then painted it on the outside.

Because my color is light, I needed a couple coats.  Read the label on the product you use, in case the paint needs treatment to become permanent. Some need baking and some need a really long curing time.

A pitcher and glasses or a teapot and teacups would be a nice wedding present. It's that season.

Take your Vitamin C!

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