Home Goods - A Visual Party

 I am not much for shopping. ...aka I really hate it.  However, there are a couple places I like to go to just look at the colorful, texturedy, I want it, how cool is that?, oooooooh yeah, visual party time.

I like Party City for that reason. The color in that store is so GOOD. And now, I have found Home Goods. If you don't have one, let me know if I should mourn or celebrate for you (it is a really tempting store).

Home Goods is a discount store and they don't stack the shelves with multiples of things. If you see something you want, you have to get it now. It won't be there when you come back. They merchandise by grouping things together so you can see the big picture. Prices are pretty good. And I don't see the things they sell everywhere else. That makes them able to have a huge variety of items in the store.

I can only allow myself to go once in awhile because I WANT EVERYTHING.

So, I took a few pics while I was there. Which of these things do you think went home with me today?

 There is a big peacock that makes the third leg on the back of this outdoor bench. Love it, very creative.

 Isn't this just begging for iced tea and a wrap around porch?

 Cute little patio set... in my color.

 Green wicker chaise. Just need a little pillow and a book.

This is wild and bold and green and won't go in everyone's house!

You might like the Home Goods blog if you are looking for inexpensive decorating ideas or follow home dec trends.

Home Goods is a good dose of Vitamin C!

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