I have umbrellas on the brain these days. Is it because it is a trendy design element? Or is it because it has been raining for 40 days and 40 nights? Either way, I have been collecting images of umbrellas used in different ways. I am looking for an event to use a pile of umbrellas as a decorating theme. It will make me happy.

I would love to share with you a few of my collected umbrella images from my Pinterest board:

1. Wedding Reception Decor  100 Layer Cake
2. Umbrella Art  Toad Ranch Lady
3. Umbrella Door Decor    Moxie Fab World

4. Cartoonish Umbrella
5. Table Centerpiece  Party Frosting

I have been working on an umbrella project and hoping I will be able to share tomorrow. Since it has been raining 40 days and 40 nights, my project just won't dry.

Really hoping the next thing on my mind isn't mold. It will be hard to make a project with it.

Take Your Vitamin C and think about umbrellas......

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