Fascinators and Hats

I watched bits and pieces of the royal wedding. What is stuck in my mind are the hats. Some were gorgeous, some pretty funny.

And I have decided that I want to be Phillip Treacy when I grow up. He seems very creative in his head coverings. Phil is the foremost hat and fascinator designer in jolly old England.  Look through his online gallery here. My conclusion is that Phil can bobbypin anything to a head and call it a hat. And get paid a lot for it. It is almost like the Emperor's new Clothes, isn't it?

By the way, the nearest I can figure, a fascinator is more like a headpiece than an actual hat.

Except for a showgirl or a parishioner of Second Ebenezer Baptist Church in Detroit, does anyone in the USA wear a hat? Should we?


  • It looks kind of fun and attention getting
  • It is very theatrical
  • Draws attention from your bad hair day or the scuffs on your shoes
  • You will be ready if you ever get to England and get invited to a social event
  • Makes your head hot
  • You have all day hat head
  • How do you get into the car with it on?
  • They would be really annoying in the movie theater 
  • Need a bigger closet in which to store your hats
What is your vote?

Take your Vitamin C!

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