Spare Tire Bracelets, A Mission Trip, and I Heart NYC

I was cruising my old blog tonight looking for some photos I would like to put in a presentation I am giving on Monday. I got caught up in the memories and the smarmy Imaginina posts, laughing, until I realized I was not working on the project I was supposed to be.

Now I have to get to work, but, I am posting what I wrote on May 21 for the last three years. Just for the fun and the history of it.

May 21, 2010

I had a few things to get done tonight: some homework, some design work, a potluck project. How did I arrange my priorities? I blew off everything and made a new bracelet. I am calling these the Spare Tire bracelets because they are kinda big. But oh so fab.

Remember when bought these bits when I was in Florida? Yes, I finally got around to using them, and they are a perfect fit to this spare tire bracelet.

Maybe they should be called Treasure Bracelets. There are so many things wired in there, you could examine it for an hour to see it all.

Anyway, it was SyFy Friday, so I watched my fav show and made a spare tire. Way better than what was on the list.

Tomorrow is another day,
Normal Girl

May 21, 2009
I very seriously considered licking the plate after I ate this.  It was dark in the room and I was sitting in the back......

We were invited to a fund raising dinner for the Dream Center tonight.  It was their first, and was well done.  We sat at a table with the Bookers.  The Bookers are the couple who run the ministry called Safe Haven.  They take neighborhood children into their home.  These children are from homes with absent parents, or addicted parents, or parents who just can't cope.  The kids live in their house Monday through Friday and go home Saturday and Sunday.  They also do parenting classes with the parents so that they will eventually be able to take the children back into their own homes.  When they are ready, the kids live in their own homes during the week and at Safe Haven on the weekend.  Right now they have three siblings from one family and one child from another family.  Sounds like a lot of work and a lot of invested emotion, doesn't it?  

This ministry was started when they found a three year old girl home babysitting her infant brother, and the folks at the Dream Center realized the kids in the neighborhood needed help.

It has been really interesting hearing the things God has called these people to, here at the Dream Center.  They are amazingly selfless and donate endless amounts of time.  I would say the Bookers donate their lives.  

Food for thought and prayer....
Normal Girl

May 21,
I'm home from the Big Apple. The Human PinBall and I packed alot of stuff into the time we had there, even today before we went to the airport, we went to one of our fav stores. Unfortunately, the most notable thing that happened today was me falling on my face right in the middle of the street. Spaz. But, we did get to ABC and here are just a few things I liked there:

Cute paper covered frames, embellished with vintage flowers and ribbons and buttons.

Can you see the little pink lampshade in there? This is just a neat hangy thing. It is a small pink lampshade hanging from ribbons, covered in tulle and flowers. I saw a similar one with a wire lampshade that I really liked. It was $600, that is why it is not hanging in Girl World right now.

Chandeliers are super trendy right now. Not the stuffy chandeliers in ballrooms, but colorful, funky chandeliers. Check out this room. I really liked the simple wire formed chandeliers (look at the very left side....$3000) with a light bulb or two.

I think I can make some of those glass tear drops. I can hang them from my fake, cheapo IKEA chandelier or make jewelry with them. Are those flowers or mermaid tails on the right side at the bottom?

Loved these charm bracelets with vintage everyday stuff. See the pencil and key and scrabble tile? I am thinking about offering a round robin charm bracelet event. Those who participate in the round robin are mailed the bracelets of all event participants. You hook a charm on each then mail them to the next person. At the end, we all have a cool charm bracelet that our new round robin friends have helped to make. Think about it. More details later.

It is great to go away, but great to come home again,
Normal Girl

Hope you enjoyed that a bit. It was fun for me to see what I was up to the last three May 21sts.
Take your Vitamin C!

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