Word of the Day: Collaboration

It’s a word that I think accurately captures the essence of our work with God, because He wants us to be fully engaged with Him. It is not a forced cooperation from an overbearing dictator, but an act of joining our will with His, using the talents, abilities, background, and personality that He has given us and discovering the joy of working with Him for His divine, benevolent will.
J. Scott McElroy
Finding Divine Inspiration:

Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity

Today, I had the opportunity to spend time at the high school with a group of artists and art lovers discussing Christian Art.

Aak. I am not an artist so much, but those kids were!  I am also not an expert on the subject, but I talked about my own story and then we got into some good discussion. Made us all think. It was good.

The preparation for the presentation was a gift for me. It made me see all of the amazing things God has led me to in my art ministry. 

Several years ago, I visited an art ministry house in Grapevine, TX. It was a small house in an historic community that was so stinking cute. The artist owners decorated it very artsy. It made me want to move in immediately. They had classes, parties, bible studies, all kinds of great stuff going on. And I wanted to have one just like it. I felt God saying yes to an art ministry.  I waited and waited until finally I realized He gave me an art ministry of a different kind.

It has taken me to different locales and taught me many things. When I was preparing today and made a list of all the things I have been allowed to do in my art ministry, my eyes were opened. And I am very thankful!

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