Girl World Excavation - Paper Bracelets

I watched this video and was inspired by the paper jewelry.  In the 80s, I made a huge amount of paper jewelry. Then and now, I used watercolor paper. The heaviest you can find will work the best, look for 300 lb. paper.

I went into Girl World to dig around to see what I had that I could use for this project. I excavated a big piece of watercolor paper that was already painted.  I had painted this 2452343 years ago at ArtFest. We wet the paper, washed some watercolors over it and sat some things on the paper while it was wet...things like rubber stamps, bubble wrap, salt, anything that would make texture.

Weird how you keep something so long and then all of a sudden, you have the perfect use for it.

I cut three thin strips of the watercolor paper. And I also painted the other side of the strips a neutralish green color.

I also excavated this metal powder. I don't know where I got it or how long I have had it. I don't even know the real way to use it.  But, it is shiny and gorgeous! It is from Mona Lisa Products.  You can still buy it. And I also got out some Dimensional Magic, the greatest product Plaid ever made.

I poured out some Dimensional Magic.

While it was wet, I put the metal powder on it. I stuck a soft round brush in the powder and gently blew the powder on the wet Dimensional Magic. 

See? Shiny!

When all was dry, I hot glued the ends of the strips together so they made bangles that I could get over my hand.  

If you use the heavy paper, it is really durable. Just don't go swimming with them on.

Fun how a project is born of a random video and a studio excavation.

Take your Vitamin C! 
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