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The boss has assigned me a job this week. I will be organizing her ideas. I know, it does sound frightening. She keeps journals, idea books, notebooks galore, of ideas she finds everywhere. Ideas come from magazines, TV shows, stores, other people, the internet, and her scary little brain. Mostly, her ideas are in notebooks on pages like this. Perhaps you have something similar. Most fast brain people do.

Yes, you have heard of right brain and left brain people, but believe me, there are also fast brain people. Someday soon, I will give you a thorough intro to The Human PinBall and you will see.

So, the boss is the queen of ideas, but so not the queen of communication. She put this container in the doorway with a note on top that said, "do something with this." All of these notebooks are filled with ideas. In another room is a shelf that has several more. And we are not even talking about the ones currently in use. She has been at this some time.

I will comb through the books, toss out stupid ideas, and save the good ones.

After I steal the best ones. Oh. She wants me to.

In the spirit of organizing ideas, I think you should see this. It is apparently new, except that it looks pretty much like the 235323435 notebooks here already in the office.  The accessories look pretty interesting however. It amazes me how people come up with ideas to sell us what we already have and don't really need. Them = smart.  Us = broke...and wishing we were them.

And then, there is Pinterest. If you are not on Pinterest, you are way behind. Get with it.  Pinterest is an electronic idea book/bulletin board. They let you start your own boards, and pin onto them whatever you want to save or remember.

This is an example of one of our boards. You can add as many pins as you want.  Why you want a Pinterest account:

  • You are lazy and can take other people's pins for your own. You don't even have to go looking.
  • Each pin comes with a link to the website it came from. If you need the instructions or more info about the pinned pic, just click on the link at any time.
  • You can follow trends by those people with nothing better to do  cool trend trackers.
  • It takes no room on your bookshelf and doesn't break your toe when the boss put it in the doorway and you walk into it.
  • You can get pics from everywhere and anywhere about anything and everything.
  • I said so. Get one!
Let me know if you need an engraved invitation to Pinterest. Really.

Beware, Pinterest can suck down more of your time than Facebook. 

Do I sound like I am kidding?


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