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I never used to coupon, having a hard time finding coupons for the things I actually wanted to buy. But lately, since going freelance and money is tighter, I have started watching a bit closer for coupons I can use.  There are a few blogs I follow. I came across this one today....I like the name: Save and Make Moola.

There are a couple ways on the site to search for what you want and I spent some time checking it out. Of course, I searched art supplies and found a 20% off coupon at Dick Blick. In the market for a phone charger for the car, I searched that too, and found a great deal. It is a retractable cord charger for $5.87, normally $15.54.  At Amazon. I never would have thought to look there.

Great things about SAMM:

1. Save and Make Moola offers coupons, deals and savings to over 2,500 stores.
2. Save and Make Moola currently has more than 15,000 coupons for shoppers to save on their online purchases.
3. The SAMM blog offers additional information on freebies and daily deals.
4. To stay up-to-date on the latest coupons and deals, you can follow SAMM on Twitter and Facebook.
Check it out. Hope you save some moola!

Take your Vitamin C!

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