Beaded Dresser Pulls

 I have this old three drawer dresser in my bedroom. It was handmade and I am the third generation to use it. When I got it, it was painted a color not naturally found on earth. I repainted yellow and white crackle. And of course, it needed beads.

 I replaced the pulls with some very inexpensive metal ones. Then I pulled out bead soup (my bead stash of leftovers and donations). First, beads got strung on a wire. Then the wire was wrapped around the drawer pull.  So easy, a preschooler could do it.

To add dangles, I cut a 10-inch length of wire, used pliers to made some bendies at the bottom, strung on some beads and wrapped a simple loop at the top. I cut another 8-inch wire, wrapped a simple loop at one end and wrapped the rest of the wire around the pull support.  I connected the loops and voila.

No two drawer pulls are alike.

It is absolutely atrocious technique for a beader, but I was interested in fast, cheap, and easy. The beading adds some fun additional visual interest, and that was my goal.

Not sure if Grandpa would be proud or cringe at his dresser.  I love it because it is a collaboration between us.

Take your Vitamin C and see what needs updating in your bedroom!

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