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Niece 1 is going on her first mission trip in a couple weeks.  She will be in India for three weeks.  She is excited. I am excited for her. So, I asked if she would let me make a journal for her to take. She is a good journal-er.  She gamely said I could do that.

I made the journal 6" x 10" and included different kinds of paper. She can write, glue, draw, whatever she wants. All pages are three hole punched and held together with big metal rings. Ribbons of many kinds are tied onto the rings.

The cover has a depiction of Niece 1 in her long skirt. She must wear a long skirt everyday while there.

 I made her a big envelope in case she has notes or things she wants to save.

 The cover and the first section is watercolor paper. I painted the backgrounds with watered down acrylics.

 I stuck in a pencil bag filled with adhesive, markers, paint pens, and stickers.

The second section is plain white paper. The third section is scrapbook papers of colors and prints.

Since everything is hooked together with the round clips, she can take it apart and rearrange the pages if she wants.

Hopefully, she will fill the journal with memories of every day of her trip. And when she is my age, she can look back, smile, and remember.

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emma { May 13, 2011 at 5:06 PM }
my bro is going to india this summer too!!! for 5 weeks end of june through july.
Amisha { May 15, 2011 at 9:18 AM }

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