Chunky Bracelets

 I have a few pieces in a fabulous shop, and I sat down last night to make a few more to put in.  These are simple bracelets that sell well. The construction is just basic stringing.

They looked pretty together, so I am sharing.

Some design tips:
  • I use beads of a variety of materials. These have lampwork, sterling silver, pewter, pressed glass, stone, coral, crystals, and shell. It makes them visually very interesting.
  • They are all pretty chunky. When the beads are chunky, it requires a bit of extra length to wrap around the wrist.  
  • Since the beads are big and chunky, I crimp two crimp tubes at each end for a little extra security.
  • Great way to use up leftover beads. 

No rules, just string beads together!

Take your Vitamin C!

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