7000 Bracelets for Hope

I found this great example of artists using their skills for the encouragement of others on Lori Anderson's blog yesterday.  This project supports the Global Genes Project. The 7000 bracelets will be given to families living with rare disease. They believe the bracelets will not only encourage the families, but raise awareness.

Lori turned this into a blog hop with her designer friends and blog readers. 112 designers participated in Lori's blog hop, making bracelets. I encourage you to get a cup of tea and click through the blog hop links. You will see terrific bracelets. It is also interesting and touching to read some of their reasons for joining this project.

This is a small effort on behalf of these designers that will probably spark some hope in the lives of folks who need it. I love when artists open their hearts toward others.  Visit the Global Genes Project website to read the specifications. They are still taking bracelet donations. If this is interesting to you, join in! 

Take your Vitamin C and make a blue bracelet!

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