Thin Bangle Series #7- Wired Crystals

 These are 10mm round faceted crystal beads. It took 26 to go around my bangle.

To make one you need:

  • a thin metal bangle bracelet
  • 24 gauge silver wire
  • beads, whatever you want
  • wire cutters

 Do this:
1. Cut about a yard length of wire. Wrap one end tightly around the bangle.  String a bead on the wire. Snug it up to the bangle.  Wrap the wire around the bangle after it.

 Keep wrapping beads until the bangle is full.  Wrap the wire 3-4 times after the last bead. Trim the wire.

 I have had this silver toggle clasp for awhile. Since I have not used it, I thought maybe adding beads would make it step up on my usable list.

 Do the same thing as the bangle, but use smaller crystal beads.

Same with these hoop earrings!

This is a simple project that does not require much in the way of materials, but looks high end.

Take your Vitamin C and see what else you could use this technique on.

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