Yay for Upgrading!

Ikea lamp commercial from Rob Sbaglia on Vimeo.

It is getting to be that season and Divine Design is doing its first project this year on April 30.  

I found this video today on Young House Love. It made me howl because many times we have had home/room owners who go into absolute panic when we remove something for an upgraded counterpart. It can sometimes even be non functioning and we are not allowed to throw it away.

It is true that sometimes people who do not have much, or who have really struggled to acquire things, even if they are hideous, broken, and don't work right, turn into hoarders. It is understandable and we have much patience with that mindset. After all, we are there to encourage, not stress out.

Even so, this ad made me laugh and wish I could have a hat with a video screen on it, and I would play this commercial on a loop while at the project site.  I would probably get boo-ed out of the place, wouldn't I?

Never mind, I watched it twice and enjoyed it both times.
Take your Vitamin C!

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