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 On the first day of the New Smyrna Beach Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Art Retreat, we started journalling. We watched all of Teesha Moore's videos on how she does visual journalling. It was almost like having Teesha there with us teaching a class.

Taking a class from someone whose work we admire, is a fun way to get to know an artist/teacher, and to add tricks to our own repertoires. We will not copy what Teesha does, but we will learn technique from her and combine them with our own.

So, we each made a watercolor paper journal using her instructions. Try this if you like to journal. It is easy and makes a cool journal. You get a 16 page journal from one sheet of watercolor paper. Look for a big piece of watercolor paper 20" x 30" when you have a good coupon for Michaels.

We painted the pages first and then started adding things we cut out of magazines, and lettering.

 Lettering is not amongst my own competencies, so watching how Teesha does it was very helpful.

 Some pages done by the famous Barbara East.....

You can see that although we took the same "class", our pages have very different, distinct looks.

We have learned that visual journalling has no specific end point. We keep adding things to the pages. Personally, I think I could add a lot more, and probably will over time.

The whole exercise was enjoyable and relaxing. The great thing is that you can journal anything: feelings, ideas, topics...anything.

Take your Vitamin C!

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