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 Last week, I was journaling with my art buds at the retreat. We had a discussion about how relaxing it was to just sit and doodle.  You know, doodles are always good. There is no right or wrong about doodles since they are your own personal art. The conversation went to how I doodled on tiles and did a mosaic for my kitchen backsplash. So, at the request of Mrs. East, here is my kitchen backsplash.

I had definite color in mind, but I could not find tile that suited me. So, I bought a box of 8" white tiles and painted them. I did have the thought that it was crazy, but it worked, I love the result, and it has proven to be durable. Not being a tidy cook, I need a backsplash that is washable, washable, and then washable.

As far as backsplashes go, this one was pretty inexpensive. All I purchased were plain white tiles and a dozen 2 oz. bottles of Folk Art Enamels paint. I used a 4" foam roller, rolled the paint on the tiles, baked them in the oven per the instructions on the bottle, and then put each tile in a big ziplock bag and hit it with a hammer. That part was definitely fun.

What I learned....hit the tile on the backside so you don't mar the paint finish on the front.

Some of the tiles got printed with sponged circles in a tint of the same color. Circles are easy to print with a Spouncer . Spouncers are round sponges on handles that can be found in any craft store. Dip them into paint and print on the surface.

 And here is where the doodling comes in. I left a few tiles unbroken and doodled on them. This part was fun too.  To do it, put a Tip Pen on the the bottle of paint, and use it like a big marker. You will also find Tip Pens in your craft store. They are small metal tips that make the paint come out in a very small stream so you can write or draw with it.

Do your own thing! Bake and glue to the wall.

 Another notable tidbit you might consider adding: words under glass nuggets. The glass nuggets came from the floral department at the craft store. They are also inexpensive.

The words were printed off the computer and they say, "Adieu mes amis je vais a la glorie." The quote attributed to Isadora Duncan means, "Goodbye my friends, I am off to glory." Read the real story, very dramatic, you can't make this stuff up. Cut out the words and glue them to the backs of the nuggets. Put your own messages into your mosaic wall. It will be quite the conversation starter.

I also added a few glass beads I had made with less than great results. There was one good side on each bead and that is all I needed for this project. You can add any beads into your wall.

You know I could not stand a nice straight line ending. One of the greatest things about a mosaic wall is you do not have to worry about keeping lines of little square tiles straight.

Your mosaic wall is limited only by your imagination. I have seen walls with tea cups and plates glued in, message centers, candle holders, and coins. Make your wall unique!

Use your Vitamin C! 

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Prudence { April 26, 2011 at 12:57 PM }
I found you on tip me tuesday, your right ahead of me. Hi! I love the doodle tiles!

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