Embroidery Floss and Rhinestone Bracelet

Embroidery floss jewelry ideas still flowing.....  Floss and rhinestones are materials that don't normally go together. But they are perfect in this bracelet!

You need:
  • 1 yard embroidery floss
  • toggle clasp
  • 2 lengths of rhinestones by the yard, cut them the same as your wrist measurement
  • scissors

 1. Center and knot the toggle bar on the floss.

 2. Holding the two rhinestone lengths side by side. Wrap one strand of floss twice under the top stones. Wrap the other strand in the other direction.  Knot the strands so the knot is visible on the front.

Keep on wrapping and knotting to the end.  Knot the toggle circle to the end. Trim floss ends.
I found that I could not keep the rhinestones flat side by side. But, they naturally moved into kind of a chevron position that I like just fine.

It would be a pretty bridesmaid bracelet.

Take your Vitamin C!
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