Thin Bangle Series #2 - Quick Bangle Bling

I have these metal bangles on the brain. Last week I used a thin metal bangle as a base for a button bracelet.

You know those thin metal bangles that come in multiples and you wear them all at once and they make that tinkly sound?  Those.  I have an armful of them, but I never wear them. Maybe they just seem too pedestrian, too everybody has these, or maybe just annoying.

I have some rhinestones by the yard.  Get them at a fabric store.  These are very pretty, love them.  I attached the rhinestones with 1/8" green satin ribbon.

Tie the ribbon to the bangle. Lay the rhinestones on the bangle.  Tightly wrap the ribbon between the stones.

When you get to the end, untie the first knot, knot the ribbon ends together as tightly as you can make them.  Add a dot of jewelry glue on the knot.  Trim the ribbon ends. This is a blingy yet kind of plain bracelet that will be a great companion to.... well, any other bracelet in the world.

Wouldn't this be a gorgeous bridesmaid bracelet, using ribbon in the wedding colors?

They say that photographing your project gives you a fresh viewpoint. It is a trick that designers use. Even with a project as simple as this, photographing it allowed me to see a spot where the ribbon got caught and was not tight. I did not see it while I was working, but saw it in the photo.  It's a trick that works.  Try it!

Someplace I have a pile more of these bangles, what else can I do to them?
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