A Creativity Expert

There are actually people out there who specialize in creativity. It seems to me more like they know how to jump start the brain into a new and different direction.  And that is what creativity is all about.

I read a book some years ago by Roger von Oech called A Whack to the Side of Your Head. Of course, he is not talking about a 2x4. He is talking about a metaphorical whack that makes your brain reboot.

This afternoon, I was following a rabbit trail of links when I found Roger has an app for iPhone.  I never pay for apps, and this one was $1.99, but I went for it.  It is a deck of "cards" that will whack me upside the head. Today's card of the day tells me to ask "why?"

It's advice reminded me very much of how I worked through writing my thesis. Asking question and unveiling curiosity will almost always show you a new path, or new paths.

I will recommend Roger's book if you are interested in growth of your own creativity. He also has a blog, google it. Oh, and of course, you can friend him on facebook.

Meanwhile, I am going to ask "why?"
Take your daily dose!

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