Tape a Message

Masking tape. You were not thinking that, right? Sometimes piggybacking on a good idea is a good way to go.

The Human PinBall took this pic on a trip to San Francisco.  Sidewalk art. I like it.  I borrowed it. For the next sermon series at church, we are joining with more than 300 other churches in southeast Michigan in a campaign called E.A.C.H. (Everyone A Chance to Hear). All of the participating churches will do prayer walks and service projects reaching as many people as possible.

As visual stimulation, all over the floors of the church, we placed masking tape art. No making fun of our purple carpet.

When I taped stuff all over the floor this week, I kneeled on a piece of tape that was not dry yet.  I have the word "satisfied" in permanent orange marker on the leg of my jeans.  Backwards. At least I it was in my best printing. My committee (who is just one person because the committee consists of two people), said that maybe backwards words on jeans is a marketable idea.  There's some creativity!

Our plan is to use masking tape art as a thread throughout the series, taking it on prayer walks and any other projects we do.

The plan is for the 325 churches combined to do 1,000,000 hours of service in Detroit.  That is more than 3000 hours for each church. My church is beginning with tutoring children.

There is masking tape all over, and I hope there will be even more.

One of our themes will be "2 word stories." It will be an interactive project on Sunday mornings. People will be able to make their own tape art for the floor..that tells their own 2 word stories.

2wordstory final for web from Oak Pointe Church on Vimeo.

If small masking tape art is good, GIANT masking tape art must be even better.  Hope everybody gets it.

Still working on my 2 word story. Do you have one?

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