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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Imaginina, the Wise......

Watching daytime TV today is making me scream. Shoveling every driveway in the neighborhood is a more satisfying activity. I watched a show on justice as meted out by some woman who thinks she is just. 

Neighbor A has tooth marks all over his Mercedes. He gets a nanny cam to see whose dogs are the culprits and finds out which neighbor to sue. We are talking about chewing a metal car.

Neighbor B explains that Neighbor A framed his dogs by planting something inside the car that the dogs would want.

We see the video of the dogs chewing on the car. Indeed they spend as much time sniffing around and under the car as they spend chewing. And a dog expert is brought in to say that for sure there is something in the car to which the dogs are attracted.

Oh yeah. Here is creativity at it most useless. If these people used their creativity together for good instead of stupidity, who knows what they might accomplish? 

Park your car in the garage, keep your dogs on a leash, and get together for some creative brainstorming! And stay off daytime TV!

It is about time for me to have my own TV show...

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