Girls' Night In Valentine Party

The women at my church have an ongoing ministry at Grace Centers of Hope, a rescue mission in Pontiac, Michigan. We go on a Friday night and just hang out with the women residents of the mission. They are of all ages and stations, and are there because they were homeless or working through an addiction, or both. They live in the mission for a year, so we get to know them.

Tonight, we had a Valentine party and potluck dinner.  We had tons of food and we ate until we were stuffed. It was great! I am so blessed by the women who give up their Friday nights to go, and even more so that they cooked today to furnish dinner.

Young daughters came with us tonight. They had spent time and effort this week making valentines for the women. Handmade. How great are these young girls? They sweetly handed them out to the ladies.

Red velvet cupcakes. Need I say more?

After dinner, we set up to make a craft.  The Amazing Helen supplied us for this one.  Thank you Helen!

Concentration as she fringes her piece of felt for her pin.

Our girls made several so they could make sure each of the tiny girls there had one to keep.

The rest of the crowd played "Catchphrase." It must have been fun. I could not drag them away to craft.

All of our girls together.  Get ready girls!

Lining up, almost there....

Six beautiful girls, friends, even though they just met tonight.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that giving of your time and effort to encourage someone else brings wonderful blessings in return. Especially after a busy week, thought given to helping someone else who needs a bit of support is the best way to end the week.

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