Thin Bangle Series #1 - Flower Garden Button Bracelet

Alright. So, it has snowed about 10" in the last six hours.  I am a fan of snow, but I have these new buttons, and they are springy, and I could not wait to use them.  So I did.

These are brand new Flower Garden buttons from Blumenthal Lansing.  They are hitting the craft and fabric stores right now.  Keep your eyes peeled.

This year, big bright resin flowers are super trendy in jewelry.  They are gorgeous and so versatile.  Love them. So, tonight, I needed resin flower button jewelry. Needed it.

This is how you can put one together. It should take you about 30 minutes.

  • bangle bracelet that fits you (Use whatever you have. I used a thin one from a set of many, and it worked fine)
  • Flower buttons to go around bangle. I needed 10.  (If your wrist and bangle are smaller than mine, you could use less, or space them farther apart to use less)
  • silver craft wire, not thinner than 20 gauge ( I used about 5 yards)
  • green rickrack or ribbon, about a yard
  • wire cutters
To make it:

 1.  Work with about a yard of wire at a time.  Wrap a short end around the bangle.

 2.  Tightly wire wrap a button to the bangle. It is probably not going to look great, doesn't matter.

 Keep wrapping buttons on the bangle until it is full.

Design note: Using only one color buttons instead of multi color would be dramatic.

If you run out of wire, wrap the end around the bangle several times.  Start a new wire.

3.  Wrap rickrack around bangle, between flowers, covering up most of the wire wraps you have made. Leave a tail at the beginning.  Tie beginning tail and ending tail into a knot.  Trim ends. I left tails, you can certainly cut yours flush to the bangle. 

Get a jump on spring!
And don't forget to take your Vitamin C!

Show and Tell Green

4 creative thoughts:

votemom { February 21, 2011 at 4:10 PM }
1. i missed you on saturday. you were supposed to be seated at table 14 with me.
2. what do you do with all your jewelry after it's not trendy anymore?
Kim { February 21, 2011 at 5:41 PM }
1. I was home coughing till my ribs hurt. Hope everything was perfect and beautiful.

2. I tear it apart and start over.
Anonymous { March 5, 2012 at 7:56 PM }
I love this , I'm making it now , ... I'm useing a cheep plastic bangle from a $store kids set , and i dont have any flowerly buttons but i think a few pretty colored buttons will do the trick , and I made something Simmular to your button ring tutorial from the craft month and a give away post .. and it came out cute even tho i did not do the cute curly Q's or the crystals on top , I just kinda .. well i wingged it .. and I think everyone can agree that with Jewererly "Wingining" haves you come up with the best most orgianal beautfull art...I also love posts such as yours who give us jewerly makers some great Idears so we can see some fresh ideas , put our own spin on it, add our own idears, and to people who make itexcatly like you see posted , Please dont take credit , it's just rude
Kim { March 5, 2012 at 10:23 PM }
Woohoo, so glad you found inspiration here!

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