Posies, Pizza and Praise

Today the girls and I decided to party. 

One of the best things I do in my life is directing a praise dance team at church. They are called Praise in Motion, or PIM. It is made up of middle school girls and right now, I have a group that is just darling. They make me laugh. They make me proud. The teach me about all the cool stuff, and I thank God for being able to work with them.

They came over to Girl World after church this afternoon. We had pizza and chocolate rice cripsie treats. The food of champion dancers. hahahaha!

It was their request to make pull tab bracelets. I had never seen one.  Apparently they are all the rage in middle school.  They teach me these things. We had to make them because it seems some jewelry bully at school has one and is rubbing everyone's noses in it.  Well, take that you mean jewelry bully. 

The girls picked it up right away and we had a nice discussion on how we could make variations. It was quite creative. And free! And we had a blast making them.

It is super cool to do it with pull tabs in color, but they come on energy drinks which the girls and I don't drink. This green one was pulled out of a recycling bin at the gym. Very cool.

If you want to be cool and make one of these bracelets, just google pull tab bracelets. Some other folks have nice tutorials out there for us.

Then we made felt flowers with button centers.  They take about 2 minutes to make. And the girls added them to their pull tab bracelets. Smart girls, because that is really cute.

Then we went off to dance practice and I learned that no sugar before dance practice is a really really good rule. I cannot imagine energy drinks added to that equation.

Fun day. The girls took their vitamin C!

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votemom { March 14, 2011 at 6:39 PM }
so are you still going to be doing PIM in 2017?
Kim { March 14, 2011 at 9:35 PM }
Unless the elders vote me out......

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