The Lord's Prayer Graffiti

In an extension of our sidewalk graffiti project, this afternoon, I spent 3 hours writing the Lord's prayer in 2' tall letters on the walls in the auditorium at church. It will be the focus of the next couple services.

It is my favorite kind of project. It was easy.  It just required printing letters. It was quiet in there, I spent most of the time alone. Part of the joy I get from projects at church is the quiet time I spend without distraction. Yes, it is quiet at home in my studio, but there are 23432343 distractions in every direction.

 So, I perform my physical task and that allows me to focus mentally on prayer or singing or thinking. It is about the only time I get to do that.

Last week, all of these pieces of paper were put up on the walls.  On Sunday morning, people were encouraged to get up and write on the paper. They could write a prayer, or a meaningful verse, or whatever they were feeling or responding to from the sermon.

So today when I wrote The Lord's Prayer over top of what came from their hearts, I kept thinking that I was wrapping all their personal prayers up in The Lord's prayer...just tucking them right in there. Nice.

Another example of how serving brings blessings back to you.

Take your Vitamin C!

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