Duct Tape, Really?

No kidding. These flowers are made out of duct tape.  The Amazing Helen made these on the recent Michaels cruise.  Go to her blog for a tutorial and make some yourself.

This is a good time to say something about creativity, is it not?  How about those duct tape folks?  They already had an amazing product.  Who did not love and use duct tape for all kinds of functional reasons? But then they entered the craft industry by making duct tape in colors and patterns. And we love it. It is shiny and pretty and not to mention it really works and we know how to use it.

Then here comes the Amazing Helen who turns it into flowers.

Out of the box thinking on both of their parts. Love that.

Take your Vitamin C today!

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Victoria CUllen { March 16, 2011 at 5:31 PM }
Great post! It's amazing what you can do with a little duct tape! It's so much fun to see what other BYW students are up too! Thanks for stopping by Queen Without a Country and for your sweet comment - I think you could be right about doing a post about the cake, it was VERY popular :) I'll look forward to seeing you in class! Isn't it great?!? Lovin' it!

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