An Everyday Thanksgiving

Today I am foregoing a creative post because I am off to work on my taxes...something in which you should probably not be creative.

So, I leave you with three pics of my day in France last summer. They have nothing to do with anything, except it was a terrific day and remembering it makes me happy. I am thankful for that day and the people with whom I shared it.

Today, I am also thankful for:

  • The work God has provided, which ends in paying taxes.
  • Memories of good times. It is my college roommate Carol's birthday today. We used to do the bump together. It was the 70s. So, today we have decided to turn on some BTO and bump the wall in replacement of each other. If you are too young to know BTO, look it up. Then do the bump.
  • I went to the phone store today to get a new battery for my phone. And what do you know? Buying a new upgraded phone is cheaper right now than buying a battery. When does that happen?
  • I am headed into Detroit tomorrow to check out an elementary school with the possibility of redecorating some rooms this summer with Divine Design.  God opens the doors!
  • Oh yes, and On The Border salsa.  Warmed up = perfection.
Off to take care of one of life's sureties,
Take some Vitamin C for me!

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