Project Storage

I don't know about you, but I never seem to have enough storage space for everything. Not long ago, I did an office re-do. My office serves as a studio as well, so I sometimes work on projects there. I often work on several projects at a time and it is helpful to keep them out, so I can quickly check on something mid-process. 

So, I went to IKEA and bought six wire trash cans. These now hold my current projects.

I also got these towel hooks.  Screwed them right into the closet door. It is a fake closet, there is nothing behind the door.

With my wire nippers, I cut away a few wires to make little holes.
And I hang the bins on the hooks.

It is a great system for me. I can see into the bins. They slip on and off quickly and easily. A big improvement over boxes stacked up on the floor. And they were inexpensive.

Taking That Daily Vitamin C pays off!

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